Paint Can with Brush - for plotter, print, web or general use

Paint Can with Brush

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All Vector EPS for Printing - $9.00
Printing or General Use.
An Adobe Illustrator 6.0 all-vector file created
for designers/Adobe Illustrator users.
Brush and paint can are fully rendered, so
may be repositioned or used separately. Removable
opaque white shapes behind objects allow for
recoloring or placement on colored background.
Item Separator Line

All Vector EPS for Plotter - $9.00
Plotter or General Use.
An Adobe Illustrator 3.0 all-vector file.
Closed loops, no overcuts, no blends.
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72ppi GIF - $6.00
A GIF file on transparent background.
396px x 486px (5.5" x 6.75"), masked
for placement on light background.

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