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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yasuda Studio Licensing Agreement ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In Simple English:
As long as the art is NOT the main selling point, you may use these images as part of a project, whether for resale or not - for packaging, newsletters, ads, newspaper editorials, etc. You may also use the art in printed invitations, postcards etc. for personal or advertising use.You may also use these images to add decorative interest to a textbook or novel, if the art isn't the main purchasing point of the book. If you have any doubts, please . If you'd like to use any of my work for resale in which the art itself IS the main selling point, (e.g. t-shirts, mugs, picture books, temporary tattoos), I may possibly charge a small per-piece fee for each unit reproduced; and we'll talk about it. If you're not sure about a project; e.g. you're creating a limited edition of commemorative Tshirts to sell at cost for your high school reunion, again, (In this example, there would be no fee).

You may alter these files to suit your project needs, but you must NOT claim copyright to any of the altered works. However, you must never, under any circumstances, attempt to include these files in any format as part of a collection for resale or subscription, or as part of a free art collection of any kind. (Trust me, it's not worth it, I'll find you and come after you...) Finally, no image may be used for anything that is offensive, hurtful, libelous, or pornographic.

In Legal English:
Download of these image files indicates acknowledgement that you have read this license and are bound to the terms of the following agreement. All image files accessed on this site are the property of Yasuda Studio and are protected by international treaty and copyright law. On payment, Yasuda Studio will grant single-user, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the image files under the following terms:

• You may not claim copyright on any works derived or incorporating elements from the images.
• You may not reproduce the images as part of a product intended for resale where the main selling feature is the images themselves (e.g. a T-shirt, mug, poster for resale, etc., without contacting Yasuda Studio in advance. (A small per-image royalty fee may apply.)
• No image may be used for, or in conjunction with, projects that could be seen to be of a libelous, defamatory, pornographic or harmful nature.
• Under no circumstances may any image file or component thereof be resold as part of any clip art or stock art collection. Files may not be redistributed, syndicated, or resold as part of a CD or other media collection, sublicensed, or placed online in a downloadable format.

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