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My T Shirt Site

Shameless Self-Promotion - T-shirts, bags and stuff from Yasuda Studio.
All mention YasudaStudio.com here or there, but they're kind of cute just the same. And if you like, we can set up a CafePress site for you, too.

GraphicsByUs Site

GraphicsByUs.org - If you like this site, please visit the 3 other indie artists/photogs at GBU, a cooperative site. All provide original, downloadable, royalty-free graphics. Have we started a populist movement? You decide...

Printing on the Web Use our Code for a $25 Discount!
Printing For Less

Use Promotional Code RP1E5QF37 to get $25 off your first order.
We've been happily using PFL here for over 3 years. Prices, quality are great. Standard specs - just upload your stuffed or zipped files, and the job will soon be in your hands. And, if you should have a question you can phone them as well.

Other Graphics-Related Sites
Aithene Multimedia

A small but complete multimedia studio, Aithene Multimedia is a fine example of what happens when a few good people pool their intellectual and creative talents.

Paul Politis

The black-and-white photography of Paul Politis. People, still life, night photography and more. Some limited edition prints are available.

More Small Business Sites - Keeping the Spirit...
DoveTail Designs Site

Val Love does lovely upscale knit and crochet patterns for scarfs, hats, sweaters, etc. Patterns are available in books or as packs. Check out her "PocketPals".

Unique Edible gifts and Party favors

For a unique gift or party favor, consider the possibilities of edible art.
Located in St. Louis, ConversationPieces.org designs and creates unusual, affordable, customizable, edible gifts. Party tips and theme Ideas, here too!

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Web Site Owners, If you hate Spam as much as I do, check out the email obfuscator, an encoder that will protect email addresses on your sites from most SpamBots. Use it to baffle the bots - a free service and easy to use.


All my files are compressed with MacZipit, a nifty little shareware app that Mac users need to exchange files with PC users via email or FTP. Easy, fast, and Mac/PC/Unix compatible. Read more about MacZipit on my FAQs page.


The easiest way to accept credit cards, foreign currency on line, PayPal employs top-level security as well. Anybody who can follow instructions can use PayPal's copy-and-paste code. I highly recommend it.

Free Web Stats You'll like StatCounter.com even if you have access to your other stats, especially the world map that shows where your visitor came from. Very visual, very easy to read - AND the basic version is free!
Adobe Site

My graphics are created with Adobe Illustrator™ and/or Adobe Photoshop™.
My .gif animation is created in Adobe ImageReady
This site was created with Adobe GoLive™.

Apple Site

A lot more than ipods...

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