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A native New Yorker, I spent 20 years in a corporate art department as a (bored) board artist, calligrapher and designer. In 1986, the department went digital, and after initial resistance, I fell in love with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and the whole, then-new graphics technology; I bought my own Mac, started my small studio and never looked back.

My clients have included MetLife, Springs Industries, Western Union, Chanel, and Scholastic among others, along with some small business clients. I also do some subcontracting, training and consultation for other independent designers.
And now, through the magic of technology, I'm able to offer my work directly to you.

Thank You so much for visiting!
Liz Yasuda, Yasuda Studio, NYC

Yasuda Studio • 215 East 24th Street • New York, NY • 10010Rule Line
Try to keep the rebel artist alive in you, no matter how attractive or exhausting the temptation
Norman Mailer - Advertisement for Myself on the Way Out

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