Symbols, Concepts, Ad Starters

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Day and Night

Possible Uses:
• All Day Long
• Weather
• Morning 'til Night
• 24 Hours
• Passage of time


Possible Uses:
• Urban Winter
• Homelessness
• Loneliness
• Cold

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Pop Art Light Bulb Light Bulb Animation on black Light Bulb Animation
Possible Uses:
• Bright Idea
• Invention
• Inspiration
• Clarity
• Understanding
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Paper Bag Possible Uses:
• "It's in the Bag!"
• Fill with various

• Examples
Herbal Backdrop Possible Uses:
Background for
• a logo,
• a label
• a masthead
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Paper clips, Gold Paper Clips How to Use:
• Paste partial clips in    front of document
  or photo to "clip it"

• Examples
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TShirt Template  Use For:
• Comping
  TShirt Graphics

Winter Tree Concepts:
• Loneliness
• Cold
• Abandonment
  (the last leaf)
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Hoodie Template  Use For:
• Comping
  Hoodie Graphics

Newspaper with Headline  Easily Revise...
• Headline
• Color
• Heavy outline
...and More