Wave Border - Vector, .psd or .jpg Format

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Hawaii, Tropics

Wave Border

About this Art:
All formats are fully tileable; ends will butt seamlessly.
The eps and psd versions af this art are 3 flat layered colors. (Sorry, jpg files cannot be layered).
Individual layers may be moved, hidden or recolored for unique border variations.

All Vector EPS, $9.00
Saved as Illustrator 8.0 for
optimum compatibility. 3 layers for
easier manipulation.
300ppi PSD - $8.00
2337px x 159px (7.8" x .5")
3 layers, anti-aliased on
transparent background.
72ppi JPG - $6.00
2 files included in download:
Large -1168px x 79px (16.2" x 1.1")
Small - 584px x 39px (8.11" x .5")

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