Flowerpot Border - vector, .psd, or .jpg format

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Flowerpot Border

About this Art:
For your convenience, you'll find a separate file with a vertical border
bundled in each downloaded zip file (vertical border is not shown here)
As always, feel free to use pots individually or arrange them to work in your design.

All Vector EPS - $12.00
Saved as Illustrator 3.0 for optimum compatibility.
No blends - all shapes are
flat line art.

300ppi PSD - $12.00
2310px x 313px (7.7" x 1")
207px x 3020px (.7" x 10")
anti-aliased on
transparent background.

300ppi JPG - $8.00
2400px x 329px (8" x 1.1")
211px x 3000px (.7" x 10")
anti-aliased on
transparent background.

72ppi JPG - $6.00
RGB on white background
1108px x 152px (15.4" x 2.1")
100px x 1450px (1.4" x 20.1")

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